Why Hydrogen will not power our future…

Is time for a new article discussing climate and the future of energy! Today editor picks is Hydrogen and how it will (not) help to solve the climate change challenge, despite EU’s billions of dollar in investments.. Indeed in 2022 the number of new hydrogen vehicle registered in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Austria sum up for a total of 13 vehicles! (source). too few to fix that global warming things. Let s see why Hydrogen is probably a hype.

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Climate change

Climate change is an hot topic. It is so real that we even convinced Trump, so is time to find real solutions. Are the effort that we are doing helping the environment? Are they even going to the right direction? In this small article i will try to report few numbers about the climate change that you will probably not like it. Continue reading “Climate change”