Docker Image Migration script

Docker is changing.. and as all the changes in this period, things are getting shittier. So recently the announced two shitty things:

1. Docker desktop is not gonna be free anymore for companies above 250 employees

2. They messed up again the way how you can manage and define docker teams and image repo in the docker registry.

Regarding 1, we are just waiting that everyone start to migrate to free alternative (eg Rancher ). For number 2, this article will help to save a shitload of money.

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GIT_2 : Workflows: branch and fork

In the last article we discussed some basic git concept. Now I want to introduce some GIT workflows to be used while developing code in teams, that uses Pull Requests and code reviewers. In particular I want to explain how to keep the master history clean and how to avoid all those ugly merges and unnecessary commits that a lot of teams have in their master history. 

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GIT_1 : (not so) Basic Concepts

If you are a programmer and if your team consist of more than 1 person, then you are probably using GIT. There are two ways to use git: the wrong way and the right way. If you never used “rebase” command or if you never squashed any of your commits or if you never heard about forks, then you are probably using it wrong. Ah before we start, I assume that you are familiar with basic git terminology. 

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