PC boot process – Compatibility mode and secure boot

This is the last article of the “PC booting process”  series and i want to quickly present few missing  concepts that you may incur related to this topic. Again, my task is not to make you an expert, but just to give you a good understanding on what is happening when you push your “on button” on your pc. So let’s start from where we left… Continue reading “PC boot process – Compatibility mode and secure boot”

PC boot process – BIOS with MBR

Aahhh the PC boot process! This magic sequence that transform your pc from a useless piece of metal and plastic in a fastastic machine capable (in the right hands) of opening any door around the world! Have you have wondered how this happen? well in this article (and in the next one) I want to explain in details how the PC boot process works.  In particular we will start from MBR (still used in some older system).. and in the next we will move to UEFI. Continue reading “PC boot process – BIOS with MBR”