Does past and future exists?

In this and then next article, I will discuss whether the past and future really exist and the practical implications. Indeed our perception indicate that only the present is real, but what happens to the past? Is it gone forever, or is it still real but unreachable, like a faraway star? And what about the future? Is it already there waiting for us, or does it get created as we move forward?

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Throwing water to the Sun

This summer has been quite hot…So hot that I started to think how to turn off the sun for a while.. First thought would be to throw some water to the sun to cool it down. Will it work? After all, when you have a fire and you throw some water to it, it will cool down and eventually die off.. Can we do something similar with the Sun? Maybe throw a lot of water, like 10 time its mass to it? Continue reading “Throwing water to the Sun”

Inertial Frames in General Relativity

Today I don’t want to talk about code, but about one of my other passions: Physics…I want to start this new thread with something relative basic: the concept of inertial frame of reference. In physics courses the importance of such concept is often underestimated by teachers. The concept of inertial frames is not only important in Newtonian Mechanics, but even more important in Einstein relativity. Continue reading “Inertial Frames in General Relativity”