Throwing water to the Sun

This summer has been quite hot…So hot that I started to think how to turn off the sun for a while.. First thought would be to throw some water to the sun to cool it down. Will it work? After all, when you have a fire and you throw some water to it, it will cool down and eventually die off.. Can we do something similar with the Sun? Maybe throw a lot of water, like 10 time its mass to it? Continue reading “Throwing water to the Sun”

MongoDB optimization

Databases are like religion. Everyone believe to withhold the ultimate best solutions… These ordered collection of data that are in the core almost all (if not all) complex systems. Even Simple website like this, have thousands of entries in a sql like database, and they never creates problems, until … one rainy day they do became slow, unresponsive, resource hungry…  and that is where the pain start. Today I will give some hint on how to try to optimize a MongoDB database, by looking at its stats(). Continue reading “MongoDB optimization”

PC boot process – Compatibility mode and secure boot

This is the last article of the “PC booting process”  series and i want to quickly present few missing  concepts that you may incur related to this topic. Again, my task is not to make you an expert, but just to give you a good understanding on what is happening when you push your “on button” on your pc. So let’s start from where we left… Continue reading “PC boot process – Compatibility mode and secure boot”