Does past and future exists?

In this and then next article, I will discuss whether the past and future really exist and the practical implications. Indeed our perception indicate that only the present is real, but what happens to the past? Is it gone forever, or is it still real but unreachable, like a faraway star? And what about the future? Is it already there waiting for us, or does it get created as we move forward?

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Understanding Iptables and Package Routing in Linux

Linux, as a versatile and powerful operating system, offers a robust networking subsystem that allows users to control the flow of network traffic efficiently. One crucial aspect of Linux networking is the management of package routes and the utilization of iptables for firewall configuration. This article aims to provide a basic understanding of package routes in Linux and the role of iptables in controlling network traffic.

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Why Hydrogen will not power our future…

Is time for a new article discussing climate and the future of energy! Today editor picks is Hydrogen and how it will (not) help to solve the climate change challenge, despite EU’s billions of dollar in investments.. Indeed in 2022 the number of new hydrogen vehicle registered in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Ireland, UK, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Austria sum up for a total of 13 vehicles! (source). too few to fix that global warming things. Let s see why Hydrogen is probably a hype.

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