About Me

I hold a Bachelor and Master  Degree in Electronic engineering and PhD in Micro and Nano Technologies… After nano word, I started working with cloud based solutions and became a programmer/data-scientist/architect..but I do still play a lot with hardware…!

I can program in C, C++, Qt, Python, Pig, PySpark and some bash and assembler .. I use those tools to program MCUs (mainly STM32 ), Win, Linux applications. I  am not very good with Graphic Interfaces programming (but who needs GUI anyway!? ).  I also work in datascience field. I am familiar with many tools such as Keras, TensorFlow, Caffe etc. I trained many Machine Learning Models and Deep Learning models for Image recognition… Read my publication list (especially this one that has more than 130 Citations ! )

Want to know more about me? Read my story here.